About us

We are two brothers situated in Derby in the UK. Terry and  Martin.

Terry has been working with epoxy resin and mica powders for more than 5 years and over the coming weeks will start showing some of his products on our new website, both as items to sell and also to showcase some of the beautiful colours that are achievable with our vibrant mica powders. 

We created the store after seeing these beautiful and vibrant Mica Powders being used in the production of high quality epoxy resin tables and furniture. After trying to purchase some to use ourselves it became obvious that we would have to purchase from Canada and incur high shipping costs in order to use the product. 

We decided we should buy in bulk big enough to allow us to bring these products to you at a reasonable cost. We both believe that these are really high quality mica powders and we look forward to seeing some of the items our customers make using them, we will try to encourage all customers to give us feed back and to show us what they do so that we can help to build a community of mica powder users who can help each other to grow their businesses.

We hope you enjoy using them and we would be more than happy to show some finished products that were created using these fine Mica Powders. We have created a FB group for all of our friends and customers to use to share their own work as well as to provide help and assistance to anyone looking to start creating using our lovely Mica Powders. Simply scan our QR code found in the the photo section of every product to join our FB group.