Wedding Flowers, Funeral Flowers, and Ashes

Wedding Flowers, Funeral Flowers, and Ashes

We have already posted about casting flowers into resin, so today we were asked if we could capture some funeral ashes and put them into resin and this was how we decided to achieve that, hold the ashes tightly together and then put then into a bigger piece.

This was the first batch of tiny hearts we made, you can clearly see the ashes contained in the resin. We then went on to make different colours.

We made four different colours for this customer and these small hearts were then placed inside larger hearts with flowers.

Finally captured in resin the finished pieces contain ashes within resin, placed within more resin

And now the captured flowers and ashes, the pieces will sit and harden now for 7 to 10 days and will have a final sand and polish before delivery.



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