Casting flowers into resin

As part of the journey to stocking the Beaverdust Mica Pigment Powders that we currently sell is the fact that we use them in work that we get commissioned to do for customers encasing things in resin. We’ve done several pieces to date capturing both wedding and funeral flowers.

Over the years we’ve used numerous different resins and some of these are in the pictures here.

This flower was captured using resin from Vista Resin and the product itself is called Mariana, it’s a deep pour resin that I’ve used many times with a lot of success. The silver colour for the base was achieved using Silver Pearl and Gun Metal Grey micas mixed together.


This flower (from the same collection as the one above) was captured using resin from Mouldd. The resin is their deep pour and this was the first time we've used this particular resin, it worked out well apart from some small bubbles, mostly my fault so we will post again the next time we use this resin and see if we can't get it a bit better. The blue colour was achieved using two different blues from our mica powder collection.

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